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This database will be updated by the authors regularly. In addition, we do strongly encourage the submission of data for inclusion into this database by completing this upload form. Only data that have been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal will be included into the database.

  • The upload form is different for human data, mouse expression data or mouse treatment data. The correct form will appear when selecting the type of data you want to upload.
  • Every tested protein requires a separate upload form. For example, when three different molecules were tested in the manuscript (e.g. IFN-g, CXCL10 and MMP-9), then three separate forms have to be submitted, one for IFN-g, one for CXCL10 and one for MMP-9. After submitting, the upload form is verified by the authors of the database before uploading into the system.

Abbreviations: CM, cerebral malaria; Con, control; EG, experimental group; HC, healthy controls; NCSM, non-cerebral severe malaria; NM, non-malarial disease; NM-CNS, NM patients with central nervous system involvement; NM-NCNS, NM patients without CNS involvement; pRBC, parasitized red blood cells; Refs, reference i.e. author, date, journal abbreviation (e.g. Dekker et al., 1997, Am J Physiol); SM, severe malaria; UM, uncomplicated malaria; vs, versus

E.g. Chemokines and receptors
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